Defamation, the full length movie

Defamation, the full length movie


5 months
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Here is the concrete proof, literally, in a brainwashed 'jews' own words, of the incitement of 'The Holocaust' lies to an irrational hatred of all Germans. To the point of LITERALLY stating, for the camera, with NO fear at all, that she wants to 'kill all germans'. No exageration. This just shows the glaring self-righteous arrogance that many jews have been conditioned to feel. Imagine if someone changed just one word, replacing 'Germans' With 'Jews', and imagine how fast that person would be in jail. Remember that in the Brendon O'Connell case, for example, the judge ruled that it did not MATTER what the FACTS were. It is all about INTENT. So even if someone came forward with video footage of Hitler personally ordering 'The Holocaust', and personally throwing 'jews' into gas chambers, then cremating their bodies, it would NOT have ANY impact on the charges or the trial. IF they treated non-jews and 'jews' consistently in the courts, under the existing laws and precedents. It does not MATTER if any 'holocaust' actually happened AT ALL. All that matters is the INTENT of the people writing, producing, directing, and presenting, 'Holocaust' arguments, blogs, books, videos, movies etc.

All we need now is a lawyer willing to take the makers or distributors of ANY 'Holocaust' movie, book, blog, article, or comment, to court, and have them charged with 'incitement' and 'racial vilification'. All we need is someone to state the obvious, that the INTENT of all 'Holocaust' movies, etc, is to incite people to hate, and want to kill, Germans. If the courts are consistent in their application of the Australian laws, for example, as applied in Brendon O'Connell's case, then ANY person who has EVER published anything along the lines of the 'official lie' of 'The Holocaust', will face prison sentences. FACT. So who will be the first lawyer to make a HUGE name for themselves among the lovers of 'freedom of speech' , and TRUE justice?


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