Leviticus is the REAL source of the '6 million holocaust'

Leviticus is the REAL source of the '6 million holocaust'


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The famous '6 million' jews 'given to the flames' derives from passages in the book of Leviticus, in the Old Testament. The inference Talmudic 'Jews' make is that 6 million 'jews' must be 'given to the flames' in a 'holocaust' (a burned offering / sacrifice) before their 'jew world order' can take off. So in one sense, we can expect the jew world order to 'offer to the flames' the 6 million 'Jews' now living in Palestine. In another sense, we can see that the Zionists made up 'The Holocaust' story to justify to other jews the founding of the state of Israel...because Leviticus implies that 6 million jews must be 'offered to the flame' before 'jews' can return to their 'homeland' Israel. Either way, typical Talmudic Pharisee deceptions. The worst case is that 6 million jews will soon be murdered in a REAL holocaust, by their own 'leaders'. Nothing unusual for 'governments'.


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