An Israeli threatens to kill all Germans after a life of racial vilification and incitement

An Israeli threatens to kill all Germans after a life of racial vilification and incitement


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911 and 'The Holocaust', along with 'The Treaty of Versailles' and 'Nuremberg show trials' are all PURE racial vilification and incitement...when will an Islamic group, or German group, charge the perpetrators under their local 'racial vilification' and 'incitement' laws? Seriously. Propaganda is THE ultimate 'hate crime', 'racial vilification', and 'incitement'. Let's start with the posters showing Germans cutting off the hands of children from Belgium, or shall we begin with the Russian films showing Teutonic knights throwing babies into the fire? Or just all the pre WWI and WWII Hollywood films meant to trick Americans into hating Germans? Or with the U.S.S Liberty, when it comes to demonisation of Islam and Arabs, of course culminating in 911, WOMAD, Syrian gas attacks, ... the list would go on forever. So chose your 'favorite' 'Holocaust' film, book, video, or blog. Make a copy and bring it to your local police station to have the publisher charged under your local 'racial vilification' and 'hate speech' and 'incitement' legislation. Surely the Muslims around the world have the most to lose, and the greatest motivation. Germans have been castrated mentally by a lifetime of conditioning and brainwashing, so there is little hope many Germans would even try this 'stunt', which is legally sound. You see it is about INTENT, so even a German could claim that 'Holocaust' content is INTENDED by the author to incite. That the MOTIVE for making the presentation, independent of whether it is true or not, is to incite. To racially vilify. So you don't even need to risk 'holocaust denial' to prosecute. It is about INTENT. Just like in Germany the FACTS are inadmissible in 'holocaust denial trials', so in racial vilification trials, it is all about INTENT, and does not matter whether the presentation is factual or not. Of course NO jew would EVER allow us to run a trial on the facts. EVER. The whole pathetic lie would fall apart under even the most casual of interrogations.


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