Review: AR500 Steel Animal Silhouette Targets from QualityTargets

Review: AR500 Steel Animal Silhouette Targets from QualityTargets


11 months
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This is a review of a set of 3/8" thick AR500 steel animal silhouette targets that I purchased from the eBay seller qualitytargets via eBay.

If you would like to purchase these targets you can visit their website at:

More Information:

These targets cost me $110 delivered to my door. The shipping was very fast, and I am pleased with the quality of the targets and the service offered by the seller. These targets will be a nice asset to my shooting range to use with my pistols and small caliber rifles.

Since I do not intend to hit these with the high powered rifle rounds, it looks like I might want to order a stronger steel gong for shooting higher powered rifles instead of using these ones so I can avoid making crater marks in the steel which can focus the fragmentation of the round back towards the shooter creating a safety hazard.

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