Squib Loads: How To Remove a Squib From A Pistol (HD)

Squib Loads: How To Remove a Squib From A Pistol (HD)


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I just experienced a squib load at the range today. Something wasn't quite right with the way my firearm sounded when I went to pull the trigger. Instead of a loud report like normal, I get a very faint popping noise instead. The casing did not eject and as I suspected, my barrel had just encountered a squib load. This video will show you how I removed my squib load from my 9mm pistol barrel. Even though encountering a squib load is fairly rare, if you shoot firearms long enough you will eventually encounter one, and this video wills how you how to remove it. Good luck! If you find that you like my videos and they are informative you can help me out tremendously by subscribing, commenting, leaving a thumbs up by liking the video, and above all else, please share my videos with your friends!

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